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Welcome to the Computer Lab!



Contact Information 

E-mail Mrs. Webb: webba@usd350.com 

Student Links

1. ABCya Language and math games
2. Mouse Program Mouse practice
3.  Mouse and Pointer Tutorial ABCMouse.com mouse and pointer practice
4. Biggest to Smallest Sort and order shapes
5. Caterpillar Count Counting to 15
6.  Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Practice matching letter partners
7. How Many Seeds Count seeds and watch grow
8. Starfall Lot of reading fun
9. GPB Kids Count on it-shape practice
10. Shapes 3D Practice with solids
11. My Plate Food groups, healthy exercise
12. Food Jigsaws Fun, online food jigsaws
13. Turtle Diary Reading and Math practice
14. Sheppard Software Lots of various practice
15.  What Time Is It? Telling time to hour and half hour
16.  Stop the Clock Match clocks with the time (hour)
17.  Stop the Clock Match the clocks with the time (half hour)
18.  How Tall? Practice measuring with nonstandard units
19.  Dinosaur Train Practice measuring with nonstandard units
20.  Clifford Measuring Up Measurement
21.  Cat in the Hat Lot of different thinking games
22.  Alphabet Goop Identify beginning sounds
23.  Alphabet Match Match uppercase and lowercase letters
24. Color Match Match the color word with the color
25.  Moon Rock Patterns Complete patterns using moon rocks
26.  Balloon Pop Order numbers to 100
27.  Mend the Number Square Place missing numbers on the 100 Chart
28.  100 Snowballs Create a picture using 100 snowballs
29.  Frog's Rhyming Machine Identify rhyming words
30.  Chicken Stacker Identify short vowel sounds
31.  Make a Match Match words with pictures
32.  Spot the Number Find the number "in between" 2 numbers
33.  Word Family Sort Sort words by word families
34.  Shark Break Mouse Practice
35.  Marble Math Addition using manipulatives
36.  Down the Tubes Measurement game with the Odd Squad
37.  Money to Build a Robot Coin recognition practice
38.  Magical Shape Hunt Identify solid shapes
39.  3D Shapes Shapes VS. Solids
40.  Connect the Dots Practice counting up to 30
41.  Spot the Number Find the number that is between numbers or less/more than a number
42.  Number Names Move your mouse to trace number words
43.  CVC Words Identify CVC words and pop the bubble
44.  Fun Fonix Practice CVC words
45.  Alphabet Balloon Pop Letter recognition
46.  Numerical Order Practice putting numbers in order
47.  Ten Frame Count, fill, and add with the ten frame
48  Bubble Pop Mouse control and practice
49.  Bees and  Honey Mouse control and practice
50.  Curious George Letter Matching Match capital and lowercase letters
51.  Turtle Diary Letter Matching Practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters
52.  Letter Matching Game Match uppercase and lowercase letters
53.  Letter Blox Click on matching letters for mouse practice
54.  Keyboarding Zoo Practice finding letters on the keyboard
55.  Keyboarding Zoo 2 Practice using the shift key to type capital letters
56.  Happy Clicks Lots of mouse practice
57.  Teach Your Monster to Read (Mrs. Christie)    Reading skills
58.  Teach Your Monster to Read (Mrs. Christiansen) Reading Skills
59.  Kodable Practice coding skills
1.  ABCya Language and Math games
2. Turtle Diary Lots of reading and math games
3. Clock Works Move hands on clock to time shown
4. Telling the Time Click stop and record time shown
5. Telling Time Select time shown on clock
6.  Cross the River Fraction Practice
7.  Fractions Shade in to match the fraction
8.  Matching Number Words Match standard form and word form to 10
9.  Matho Fact Practice
10.  Ultimate Speed Math Fact Practice
11.  100 Day Poem Generator Create your own 100th Day Poem
12.  Give the Dog a Bone Find 10 numbers on the 100 chart in 1 minute!
13.  Cat in the Hat Many different Cat in the Hat themed games
14.  Cross the River Identify fractions
15.  Fractions Matching Game Match picture and fraction
16.  Days of the Week Practice with days of the week
17.  Practice Days of the Week Practice Days of the Week
18.  Grab the Fact Identify the missing fact family member
19. Fact Family Create fact families
20.  Number Fact Families Create fact families
21.  Learning Games for Kids Contraction practice
22.  Sheppard Software Various reading and math skills
23.  Balloon Pop Order numbers
24.  Assemble the Square Arrange shapes to make the square
25.  Compose Shapes Compose shapes with 3 triangles
26. Penguins On Ice Make sentences and add punctuation
27.  Punctuation Practice Choose the ending punctuation
28.  Unite for Literacy Books with audio
29.  Johnny Appleseed Folk Tale  Watch a video about Johnny Appleseed!
30. Johnny Appleseed by Jane Kurtz Listen to a story!
31.  Greg Tang Math Math games
32.  Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Read a story
33.  Pumpkin Matching Pumpkin game
34.  Carve a Pumpkin Online pumpkin carving
35.  Jack-O-Lantern Jigsaw Complete a jack-o-lantern puzzle
36.  Trick-or-Treat Route Determine the shortest route to trick-or-treat
37.  Word Ladder Word game
38.  Bug Escape Practice finding 10 more and 10 less
39.  Ten Frame Count, fill, and add with the ten frame
40.  Busy Bees Figure out how many bees went into the hive
41.  Shark Break Mouse control practice
42.  Money Flashcards  Practice counting money
43.  Addition Flashcards Practice addition facts (works on iPads)
44.  Subtraction Flashcards Practice subtraction facts (works on iPads)
45.  Telling Time Practice telling time (click on Random and Show Score, works on iPads)
46.  Telling Time Practice telling time (works on iPads)
47.  Base 10 Blocks Read numbers and make numbers using base 10 blocks (works on iPads)
2nd Grade
1.  ABCya Language and Math games
2.  Doubles Match Practice matching double facts
3.  Sum Sense Arrange cards to create fact
4.  Matching Time Match clocks with the correct time
5.  Telling Time Basketball Practice telling time to the minute.
6.  Cats Nonfiction reading about cats
7.  Give the Dog a Bone Identify the number on the number chart
8.  Sheppard Software Lots of various practice
9.  QR Code Generator Make your own QR code
10.  Drag and Drop Math Computation Practice
11.  Clock Works Practice telling time
12.  Telling Time Practice reading a clock
13.  Statue of Liberty Facts about the Statue of Liberty
14.  Statue of Liberty Video Watch a video about the Statue of Liberty
15.  Dr. Seuss Read a biography about Dr. Seuss
16.  Habitat Adventures Read a book about animals and their habitats.
17.  Drag and Drop Math Computation Practice
18.  Kansas Information on Kansas
19.  Memory Match Easter matching game
3rd Grade
1.  ABCya Language and Math Games
2. Teaching the Time Practice telling time
3. Constitution for Kids Read about the Constitution of the US
4. AAAMath Lots of math practice
5. Measure It! Funbrain-Measure in cm and inches
6. The Ruler Game Measurement-choose increments
7.  Place Value Game Identify place value to thousands
8.  Tic Tac Toe Squares Fact Practice
9.  Line Dry Identify the missing number in a series
10.  Math Madness Identify the missing number in a math sentence
11.  The First Thanksgiving Read about the first Thanksgiving
12.  Ghost Blasters III Practice 2 digit minus 2 digit subtraction
13.  Telling Time Practice telling time (uses quarter and half)
14.  Spider Diagram External anatomy of a spider
15.  Sheppard Software Lots of games
16.  Greg Tang Math Math games
17.  Dance Mat Typing Keyboarding practice
18.  Pop Penguin and the Place Value Race Place value practice
19.  Puzzle Pics Addition Mental math using addition
20.  Puzzle Pics Subtraction Mental math using subtraction
21.  Equivalent Fractions Sort space teams into equivalent fractions
22.  Matching Equivalent Fractions Practice matching equivalent fractions
23.  National Geographic Animal Facts Animal facts for research
24.  Online Encylopedia Research animal facts
25.  Turtle Diary Various skills
4th Grade
1. ABCya Language and Math games
2. 50 States Information on all 50 states
3.  Top 10 Tourist Attractions List of tourist attractions for each state
5. 50 State Governors List of current state governors
6. A Kid's Heart Valentine's Day activities
7.  Clock Works Practice telling time
8.  Telling the Time Practice telling time
9.  Telling Time Practice telling time
10.  Tic Tac Toe Squares Fact practice
11.  Sheppard Software Lots of various practice
12.  ETTC Poetry Forms     Write  your own poems!
13.  Hour of Code Practice writing code
14.  Sum Sense Practice creating number sentences
15.  Drag and Drop Math Computation practice
16.  Hooda Math Lots of math practice
17. United States Map State practice
18.  Presidential Fun Facts Facts about presidents
19.  Pumpkin Poem Poem generator
20.  Internet4classrooms Number forms, place value, and rounding practice
21.  State Attractions Research attractions in each state
22.  Factor Pair Up Multiplication practice
23.  Number Conundrum Whole number puzzles
24.  Multiplication Blocks Find factors to make the target number
25.  Visual Division Use manipulatives to determine quotient
26.  State Governors List of current state governors
27.  State Symbols List of states and their symbols
28.  Earthquakes Read about earthquakes
29. President Biographies Read about the U.S. Presidents
30.  USA for Kids President facts
5th Grade
1. ABCya Language and Math games
2. Enchanted Learning Explorers Information on various explorers
3. Kid Info Information on various explorers
4. Britannica Encyclopedia Encyclopedia
5.  Whitehouse Information on the Whitehouse
6.   ETTC Poetry Forms Write your own poems!
7.  Hour of Code Practice writing code
8.  Presidents of the United States Information on the presidents
9.  Facts on the Presidents Presidents
10.  Kids Fun Facts Facts about the presidents
11.  Famous Quotes Famous quotes on flashcards
12.  More Famous Quotes Famous quotes for kids
13.  Quotes Famous quotes for kids
14.  The Constitution Enchanted Learning site with articles on the Constitution
15.  Word Cloud Create your own word cloud
16.  Fun Facts on the Presidents Facts about presidents
17.  44 Interesting Facts Facts about presidents
18. US Presidents Facts about presidents
19.  Timeline Tool Online timeline maker
20.  Number Trails Multiplication Use various factors to make target number
21.  Human Skeleton  Read facts about the human skeleton
22.  Code Monkey Practice Coding with Code Monkey
23.  Charlotte's Web Try some activities centered around this book!
24.   Spider Web Game Try this game to create a spider web.
25.  Spiders Read facts about spiders
6th Grade
1. Our World Macmillan/McGraw Hill Social Studies
2. ABCya Language and Math games
3. Hieroglyphs Page 79, site 1 and 2
4. Ancient China Information on Ancient China
5. Ducksters Information on Ancient China
6. Ancient Civilizations for Kids Information on Ancient China
7. Ancient Greece Information on Ancient Greece
8. Free Greece Clipart Greek Clipart
9.  Billy the Bug 2 Practice on a coordinate plane
10. Stock the Shelves Practice on a coordinate plane
11. Catch the Fly Practice on a coordinate plane
12.  Line Plot Create your own line plot
13.  No Red Ink     LA practice
14.  ETTC Poetry Forms     Write your own poems!
15.  Hour of Code Practice writing code
16.  Math Playground Lots of practice with fractions
17.  Kansas Communities That Care     Survey
18.  Presidents of the US Information on each president
19.  U.S. Climate Data Data on average temperatures around the nation
20.  Famous Inventors Biographies of famous inventors and scientists
21. Inventor's Guide Information about famous inventors and inventions
22.  Sheppard Software Lots of various practice
23.  Constitution Enchanted Learning website with articles on the Constitution
24.  Emu Facts Learn about emus
25.  Animal Facts Facts about Emus
26.  10 Facts About Emus Interesting facts about emus
27.  QR Code Generator Create a QR code
28.  Kids.gov Career and job information
29.  IXL Math Practice on various math skills
30.  Jokes For Kids Lots of jokes by category
31.  Character Counts Information on the 6 pillars of character
32.  Character Counts Colors Explanation of colors for character pillars
33.  Common Lit Log in to our class to access reading passages.
34.  Autobiographical Poem Create your own poem
35.  Education Planner Research careers
36.  Greg Tang Math Math activities
37.  Number Trails Multiplication Use various factors to make the target product
38.  A-Z Animals Animal information
39.  Communities that Care Survey Survey
40.  Earth Facts Many facts about Earth
41.  Math Playground Multiple math games
42.  Greg Tang Math Multiple math games-Kakooma
43.  Pizza Read about the history of pizza
44.  Endangered Species List Read about animals on the endangered species list
45.  Welcome to the Web Learn how to use the web
7th Grade
1.  Free Rice
2.  Matho 
3.  Hangman
4. The First Thanksgiving 
5.  McDonalds Nutritional Information
6.  Burger King Nutritional Information 
7.  Wendy's Nutritional Information
8.  Sonic Nutritional Information
9.  Arby's Nutritional Information
10.  KFC's Nutritional Information
11.  Party 411
12.  50 States
13.  Hour of Code
14.  Pottery Barn
15.  Ethan Allen
16.  JCPenney
17.  RHTeen
18 Target
19.  IKEA
20.  Home Depot
21.  Biography research
22.  Bio Poem Generator  
23  Google Search For Kids   
24.  Holiday Poem Generator
25.  Breaking News Generator
26.  Typing Practice Most Commonly Used Words
27.  Change Maker
28.  United States Map
29.  Mystery Operations
31.  Parts of the Computer 2
32.  Parts of the Computer 3
33.  Art Snack (Seal)
34.  Art Snack (Horse)
35.  Art Snack (Duck)
36.  Art Snack (Beetle)
37.  Art Snack (Boat)
38.  Geri's Game (short film)
39.  Boundin (Short film)
40. Lifted (Short film)
41.  Mr. Hublot (Short film)
42.  Statue of Liberty CyberHunt
43.  40x Escape
Additional Resources
1. Spelling City
2.  Accelerated Reader
3.  Reading Plus
4.  Typing Quest
5.  AR Book Finder
6.  ConnectEd
7.  Xtra Math
8.  Lexia Core 5
9.  Free Rice
10.  Think Central
11.  Matho
12.  Z Type
13.  Communities That Care Survey
14.  Online Math Resources for Kids
15.  Moby Max
16.  Rosetta Stone
17.  2048
18.  Math Playground
19.  Hour of Code
20.  Santa Tracker
21.  ST Math
22. BeanBeanBean
23.  Draw a Great White Shark
24.  Join Code.org
25.  Online Timer
26.  Kahoot
27.  Continents and Oceans
28.  Live Worksheets
29.  Socrative
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